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The Sixth Form curriculum consists of a range of carefully selected British A'-Level (GCE) courses which are designed to provide the very best academic preparation for the world’s top universities. Potential Year 12 and 13 students are provided with thorough guidance on choosing the most appropriate course for their talents, interests and ambitions. The A'-Level curriculum is complemented by an impressive range of enriching and stimulating extra-curricular activities, which, coupled with highly specialised outstanding teaching, is designed to help our students to become well-rounded, informed and astute global citizens. As part of our unique Sixth Form provision, all students are supported throughout the entirety of their studies by their personal academic mentor.

Joe Hall BA MA – Head of Sixth Form


The exceptionally high standard of art work produced by Brighton College pupils has an established reputation in the community. Art and Design A'-Level at the College is very much student-centred and encourages active learning, risk-taking and critical self-evaluation. The Art Departments seeks to foster flexibility and decision- making while helping to develop the whole student. Our classes are designed to teach both technical and conceptual skills whilst encouraging growth at appropriate levels. 


Biology is the science of life: the material that you will learn at A'-Level has relevance to all of our lives and can be practically applied. As an A'-Level student, you will study a wide range of exciting topics, ranging from Molecular Biology to the study of ecosystems, and from microorganisms to mammoths.  
Biology is a challenging, rewarding course from which students will come away with a critical awareness of current social and environmental issues and an understanding and respect for living things and analytical, evaluative and synoptic skills, as well as practical skills, including the ability to plan and manipulate data.  As with all other A'-Level subjects at Brighton College students will thrive in a focused, creative learning environment of small classes and very personalised teaching. 


The A' Level Business course considers the way in which businesses operate. In particular, pupils will learn about how the business environment provides opportunities and imposes constraints on the pursuit of short-term and long-term objectives. The content is set within the context of local, national and international constraints on business structure, objectives and environment. Emphasis will also be placed on the integrative nature of the subject. Marketing, Operations including Human Resource Management and some Accounting and Finance will be studied in detail so that pupils develop an understanding that for a business to be a success in a dynamic and challenging environment, decisions have to be taken in the context of both the organisation’s wider objectives and its resources. 


A'-Level Chemistry at Brighton College is a rigorous, challenging and ultimately rewarding course that develops students’ scientific skills and knowledge. Following on from GCSE Science or Chemistry, the content of this specification includes the fundamental key concepts of Chemistry needed for progression on to higher education and employment. The specification also enables motivating contemporary Chemistry contexts to be included in the programme. It is designed to motivate students, by allowing them to study aspects of Chemistry that are often in the media and directly affect our lives.  


With an experienced, but energetic team of computing teachers, Computer Science is a cutting-edge A'-Level subject at Brighton College. The course is at once, challenging and ambitious so that students really develop skills in design, logical reasoning, and problem solving - all valuable well beyond the Computer classroom. Increasingly, prestigious universities such as the Ivy League and Oxbridge, and prospective employers, see successful completion of a Computer Science course as a sign of academic rigour.This ability to innovate with technology is also important for students' future success and ability to make a difference in a global society 


Economics is an excellent choice of subject for students looking for something of an added challenge after the GCSE years. Most importantly, this is an entirely ‘live’ subject, in the sense that not a single day passes without something in the quality press being directly relevant to what they are studying in their A'-Level course. Almost all Economics lessons at Brighton College involve reference to ‘real world’ events, using newspaper articles, documentaries and websites as core resources. Economics is taught with real vigour and enthusiasm by teachers who seek to create an atmosphere of collaboration, exploration and collaborative academic enquiry. 


At Brighton College we follow the two year AQA A'- Level English Literature B course, leading to a single A'- Level grade. Students who choose this subject are passionate about reading and sharing their ideas on what they have read.  At Brighton College we will teach, model and expect the very best from our students. In lessons, the primary mode of communication and learning is through rich and intense discussion and debate. Teachers actively encourage all students to articulate their ideas, justifying points of view based on textual evidence and careful reasoning. 
Essentially, the study of English literature at this level is the study of people and their lives; literature allows pupils the opportunity to explore characters and worlds that may have otherwise been beyond their experience and comprehension. The quality of the texts studied enables students to interact with the themes and issues that people have faced throughout the ages, in their own communities and, latterly, in our increasingly ‘global family.’ However, thematic, cultural and philosophical appreciation and discussion is enhanced by rigorous and sustained appreciation of how writers use form, structure and language to manipulate meaning. This is a life skill, equipping students with the ability to deconstruct any text, in any mode, recognising the factors influencing the work, and revealing the ways in which they, as a reader, are being positioned by the text and its production; a skill preparing students for tasks and situations in which they may well find themselves during later study, or indeed in life beyond academia.   
The English Department aims to provide inspiring learning experiences for every student in our care, ensuring an effective breadth and balance of activities that can accelerate progress at all levels of endeavour while living long in the memory. It is our aim to produce independent, critical thinkers, who will be ready for the intellectual demands of further academic study, or the wider world of work.


A'-Level French is stimulating, poignant and relevant. Students at Brighton College develop their linguistic skills alongside their understanding of the culture and society of countries in which French is spoken. Students study highlights of French-speaking artistic culture, including francophone music and cinema, and learn about political engagement in the French speaking world. As with other A-level subjects, Brighton College students perform well ahead of their ‘expected’ levels and grades and the very small class sizes and dynamic teaching in the Modern Foreign Languages can only enhance the value of A'-Level French at the College. 


Geography is concerned with the interplay between the natural systems that govern the planet and the human race. Its scope is necessarily vast and, in being so, it is a subject rich in colour, diversity, range and content. The Geography department is committed to the development of sound thinking and critical enquiry among its pupils. The approach is focused upon investigative and enquiry-driven learning in which the pupils enjoy the excitement of intellectual discovery in an atmosphere of rigorous academic challenge and the pursuit of the highest standards. The Edexcel A' Level syllabus is followed because of its excellent and expansive coverage of contemporary and conceptually challenging issues.


Long gone are the days when being an historian was about being able to recite dates and facts ad nauseam. The aim of A'-Level History is to deepen and really developed the core life skills of enquiry, critical thinking, analysis, evaluation and interpretation. History is a highly engaging subject in which students are encouraged to think, reason and argue like a historian and not merely as a student of History. Whilst we focus almost exclusively on modern European History in Year 12, students will be expected to be able to draw parallels across place and time and certainly to make links with the world today. Students and teachers of History at Brighton College are both seem as part of a community of learning which does not begin and end at the classroom door; indeed A'-Level History is a springboard for participation in the wider life of the Sixth Form. History students play a key role the Sixth Form trip to Berlin and a variety of History-focused enrichment activities. 


Mathematics A'-Level enables students to further develop their knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and techniques, acquire mathematical skills for further study in the subject or related disciplines and highlights the importance of Mathematics in society. Mathematics is celebrated across the College and the subject has a very high profile amongst pupils and teachers. A'-Level students are encouraged to take full advantage of all the cross-curricular links to the subject on offer. 


Physics is a challenging and interesting A'-Level course which helps students to understand the world and universe around them. The course seeks to develop essential scientific knowledge and understanding, as well as establish sound links between theory and experiment. Studying Physics at Brighton College not only provides a broad training in skills that are highly valued and well rewarded by employers; it also keeps our students’ options open in terms of deciding on university places and careers. 


A' Level Politics is an eye-opening subject for anyone interested in current affairs, public policy, economics, law or simply in how the world works. In the first year the focus is very much on British politics and government, covering the whole spectrum of the political world from political ideology through to the role of the media and the mechanics of elections. In the second year of the course we turn our eyes to global politics with a focus on areas such as international law, the role of international and regional organisations and the politics of environmental protection. 


Psychology is the science of human behaviour - why do people feel, think and behave the way they do? A' Level Psychology is a science with cutting edge research that has real world applications for issues in everyday life. The subject will provide pupils with an exciting and engaging curriculum in which they will ask themselves "Why is it that some people suffer from stress and mental illness? Why do some people fear snakes and others find them cuddly? Can our brains functionally recover after trauma? Does my attachment affect my relationships? Do family relationships explain schizophrenia?" and so on. In Year 12, pupils will study diverse approaches in psychology, biopsychology, research methods, social influence, memory, attachment and psychopathology. In Year 13, pupils will study relationships, schizophrenia, forensic psychology, issues, and debates in psychology. 


A'-Level Spanish is stimulating, poignant and relevant. Pupils develop their linguistic skills alongside their understanding of the culture and society of countries in which Spanish is spoken. They study technological and social change, looking at the multicultural nature of Hispanic society. They also explore highlights of Hispanic artistic culture, including a focus on Spanish regional identity and the cultural heritage of past civilisations. Spanish A'-Level at Brighton College is delivered by a highly enthusiastic, passionate and dynamic Modern Foreign Languages department which secured a 100% A/A* pass rate in its first set of GCSE results. 


The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is designed as an optional qualification with which to boost students’ academic skills and to enhance their academic Curriculum Vitae and university applications as well as provide a stimulating outlet for their personal interests. The EPQ allows Year 12 students to embark on a largely self-directed and self-motivated project, during which they develop their ability to identify, design, plan and complete a project, applying organisational skills and strategies to meet their stated objectives.