Brighton College

    Brighton College

    Guide to British Independent Schools

    Why choose a British independent school?

    The advantages of British independent education are many and wide reaching. The class sizes and exam successes of pupils are well documented, as are the impressive university destinations of many independent school sixth forms. Perhaps less widely known, however, are the benefits of ethos, tradition, culture and pastoral care enjoyed from Junior School-level onwards, which help to turn out well-rounded individuals prepared for life in our dynamic and evolving society.

    Whilst parents in the United Kingdom are often spoilt for choice of independent school, no equivalent education was offered in Al Ain prior to the opening of Brighton College in September 2013. 

    Unique character

    A British independent education has long been a draw for pupils to Britain from other countries around the world. International pupils add a great deal to the culture of such schools and help foster the characteristic global perspective, which is so important in a young person’s development.

    More recently, however, the huge demand for places has such schools has led to Britain’s most acclaimed independent schools to extend their reach across the world. Among the British independent schools that have opened sister schools overseas, Brighton College is the most academically successful.

    A gateway to world class universities

    At Brighton College, sixth formers are supported in their applications to gain entry to the best universities in the world, such as Oxford, Cambridge and the Ivy League.

    Quality of teaching

    Brighton College selects its teachers from amongst the best in the world, with a passion for their subject and the strength of character to nurture intellectual curiosity and critical thinking. Individual attention is a speciality, whilst a broad curriculum offers opportunity to study a diverse range of subjects.