Brighton College

    Brighton College


    Brighton College offers the widest range of extra-curricular pursuits of any school in the region. These reflect the diverse skills, interests and enthusiasms of our community, and ensure that pupils enjoy a well-rounded educational experience from which they can draw influence and inspiration long after they have left us.

    In any given week there are up to 100 clubs and societies that meet over the course of the College day, including Arabic Poetry, Art Masterclass, Badminton, Beginners’ Mandarin, Canoeing, the Charity and Community Club, Chess, Computing Club, Drama, The English Society, Football, Golf, the iPad Club, Karate, Mural Club, Musical Theatre, Octopush, Science Club, Surfing, Swimming and Trampolining.

    In our experience, pupils who are the busiest and most engaged in their school lives, and approach extra-curricular activities with the same energy as their academic work, are much more likely to be accepted into top quality universities.